Textures of Fall 🍁 By: Alexa

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, there are certain Fall staples we look forward to wearing every year. The many textures of Fall fashion make it our favorite season to dress for. As you create your outfits this season, enjoy mixing and matching various materials. The more texture, the more interest and depth!

Leather Lovin'
Leather is the "it" fabric of 2021. No longer just sold as jackets, we're seeing people wearing it head to toe this season. Build your wardrobe with shackets, pants, leggings, and crop tops! Our closet staple must? A leather pant! Click here for one of our favorites. 

Faux Fur Fever 
Make a statement this season in a faux fur leopard coat! These are a favorite because they are not only super soft, but also super warm! We are loving the abstract prints and colors they usually come in, especially this deep green style shown above.

Waffle Wishin'
Another material that screams Fall? Waffle knit! These thermals are woven from a small gridded fabric traps warmth. While super warm, they are also a nice light option for a warmer day. This casual style pairs perfectly with jeans!

Cute in Corduroy 
Bring back the 70's in this Fall essential - corduroy! 
We love the vintage vibes on this acid wash oversized jacket. Or, opt for a cord pant and a sweater for a classic Fall look!

Show-Stopping Sherpa
Sherpa, also known as "teddy bear" fleece is often found on outerwear. Sometimes, it's found lining the inside of a corduroy or denim jacket to add structure and warmth. It's a versatile material that, depending on how it's styled, can be sophisticated, grungy, and/or sporty.

Thanks for reading! Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try mixing different textures this Fall! 


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