New Season, New Mindset 🤍 By: Sophia

With a new season comes many new opportunities. Switching your closet up, cleaning your space, and perhaps even tidying up your mind.
Here are three ways to refresh for the upcoming season.

Try a New Style or Trend

With new seasons come new trends. This fall we are seeing an array of new styles. Checkered print pants, two-piece sweaters, shackets, and baggy jeans are just a few! It is the perfect time to try something different with your wardrobe. You just might love it and encompass a refreshed look!

Declutter Your Space

Another thing that comes with a new season is a new desire to declutter. The change in weather is a great time to get rid of things. You could clean out your closet, organize your car, and tidy up your home. Perhaps even try a new method of arrangement, like color coding. A clean space makes for a clean mind!

Pick Up a New Habit

 Speaking of a clean mind, the last tip is to pick up a new habit. It is so easy to get stuck in the same routine and begin to feel like you're just going through the motions. With this new season, let's break out of old patterns! Wake up earlier,  go outside more, explore a different area. Choose something new to try and see if it switches up your routine.

This fall we can look at this new season as a new way to live. 
Implementing these ideas could jumpstart a new personal style, refreshed spaces, and a happy mind. 


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