Flare Jeans Styled 3 Ways⭐ By: Sophia

Flare jeans have made a come back, so here are three different ways to style them!
1. Trendy
Wear your flare jeans with a neutral bodysuit, fun jacket, and a hat!
We are loving this star printed jacket. The faded color of the stars matches the wash of our flare jeans perfectly! A black bodysuit would also go with this look well. Accessorize with a black hat and throw on some cute booties! 
2. Comfy & Cute
Flare jeans can be styled simply with a sweater or pullover!
The fun fit of the jeans balances out the cozy nature of the top, making it a dynamic, but comfortable outfit. This cute sweatshirt is so soft on the inside and feels like you're wearing pajamas! Paired with our stretchy flare jeans, you're dressed for comfort and style! Wear this look with sneakers or boots.
3. Dressed Up
Elevate your flare jeans with a funky top and belt!
This satin ruched top pairs well with this style of denim. Since the top is a little cropped, you could add a statement belt to be seen. Lastly, grab a little purse for your day or night out. You can rock this look anytime of year!
Which way would you wear flare jeans? You can't go wrong with any of these choices!
Happy styling!
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