A W Girl's Day Off - Ice Skating ⛸ By: Alexa Johnson

When I'm not at the store, I try to fill my days off doing something fun! In my free time, I love checking out a new restaurant (safely), doing an outdoor activity or relaxing at home. Fortunately on my most recent day off, I was able to do all of these things! Read on to see exactly how I spent the day.

After a day of catching up on chores and running errands, I was ready for some local fun. I dressed up in my new velvet crop top and went out for an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the highlands, Sera's Ramen Enclave. 

I treated myself to my favorite appetizer on the menu: Bao buns. 

Then for the main course, I opted for the dish they're known for: Ramen! The perfect meal to warm me up on a chilly night. 

After dinner, my friends and I met up at Evergreen Lake to ice skate. I wore my favorite paperbag-waist jeans from W. The looser fit on these jeans make them ideal for ice skating because I can wear another layer underneath for added warmth.
Due to social distancing, my friends and I got a mini rink all to ourselves. It started to snow and it really felt like a winter wonderland.

After ice skating, I returned home to make a warm drink. There's nothing better than a hot cup of coco after some time in the snow. I tried out the new hot chocolate balls that release marshmallows when melted.

Then I headed straight for a spot by the fireplace, where I hung out in my W lounge set

Thanks for tuning in to my day off! Shop my featured W items while they're still available!







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